10 Fun Indoor Activities For When It’s Raining in Bali


October to January in Bali is notorious for its wet weather, not a good season for many sun-seeking vacationers. As the rainy season kicks in, the beaches become a little less appealing but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your time here on the island.

But worries not! NOW! Bali has compiles a varied list of exciting indoor activities that you and the family can enjoy when it’s raining in Bali! Don’t let the rain get you down as you can enjoy lots of indoors activities from taking an Indonesian cooking class, learn a Balinese dance, to having fun at an indoor amusement theme park.

One of the top 3 of the most recommended indoor activities is our very own traditional Indonesian cooking class, where you will be introduced to a unique hands-on kitchen experience to centuries-old tradition in Indonesian gastronomy, specifically Javanese and Balinese cuisine, while embracing authentic, indigenous cooking techniques and ingredients.

Check the compiled list from NOW!Bali HERE.


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