Month: December 2013

Lara Jonggrang Traditional’s Festive Season

laradjonggrang traditionals festive season

During this festive season, our experienced Tugu kitchen team who have mastered the handed down traditional recipes of generation to generation would like to present Indonesian traditional festive village style menus. For this special moment, they have sourced authentic spices and ingredients which are only grown by local farmers from Java, Sumatra and other islands. …

A festivity of Peranakan Cuisine

tugu world babah peranakan new years eve dinner

  A festivity of Peranakan Cuisine   Malang – a city awarded as the loveliest town in South East Asia during the colonial times, surrounded by the beautiful treasures of Java and the remains of temples of the Majapahit and the Singosari kingdoms. It is where Dutch planters, wealthy Chinese families and civil servants used …

Raffles For Fun And Blankets

raffles for fun and blankets

Raffles For Fun and Blankets As an oasis of art, culture and culinary delights, Tugu Kunstkring Paleis in collaboration with Forum Indonesia Nederland has created an amazing roster of exciting and educational activities for the whole family to enjoy. On September, 29th, by these Oost West Thuis Best Bazaar in Tugu Kunstkring Paleis, we have …