Month: July 2014

The Legend of Lembu Suro

the legend of lembu suro

A long time ago the prosperous kingdom of Daha in Kediri, East Java was ruled by King Syrengga. The king’s favourite daughter, Dewi Kilisuci, was a legendary beauty who had infamously broken the hearts of many hopeful suitors. One day two malevolent kings, Lembu Suro and Mahesa Suro, both mesmerized by Dewi Kilisuci’s beauty, asked …

The Legend of Lara Djonggrang

the legend of lara djonggrang

Legend has it that during the times of Hinduism in Java there lived Lara Djonggrang, a princess from the kingdom of Boko, renowned for her stunning beauty. Lara Djonggrang’s father, King Prabu Boko was killed by an evil giant Bandung Bondowoso, the son of King Prabu Damar Boyo from the prosperous rival kingdom of Pengging. …

The Legend of Apsara

the legend of apsara

The Apsara Residence and Spa is dedicated to honor King Jayawarman II and also King Suryawarman II of the Khmer Empire (1113-1150 AD) in Cambodia. Jayawarman II was a young prince who came from or once lived in Java and built a powerful kingdom in Champa at the end of the 8th century. He ruled …