review about warung kakilima

kakilima by the sea - the million dollar view warung

‘The million dollar view warung’

New to Canggu is this gem of a restaurant, and we are so excited about it! The atmosphere is colorful and fun and kids can just be kids with a huge expanse of green grassy land to play on. When you arrive, its like entering an idyllic scene, with not a care in the world! Parents can kick back and enjoy the eclectic menu, easy tunes, a glass of wine and best of all is that “million dollar” sunset view. It really is pinch yourself spectacular.

The decor is vibrant and unique yet relaxed and family friendly. As well as the main pavilion there are cushions with low tables on the grass out front and a choice of areas to eat and lounge.

They offer their own take on a traditional ‘Kaki Lima’ or five legged food cart where fresh food is grilled. The menu is a little more designer than your average beach eatery, and beautifully presented too. There is yummy chicken strips, fish kebabs and colorful salads, beautiful icey fruit granitas and of course ice cream for an after din-dins treat.

Now if the kids are happy, aren’t we all? So far the venue has a nice little sand and water play area, ten pin bowling set, and loads of kids golf sticks and soccer balls. The highlight however, is the good old fashioned sprinkler that the genius owner puts on at beer o’clock for the kids to cool off after the beach and run free. Love it! Watching the kids squeal with delight as the waves roll in and the sun sets behind is a great way to finish the day.

Still in soft opening stage, Kaki Lima has more plans for a kids play hut where they will provide art and craft activities, a special kids area with mini tables and chairs and a bubble blowing machine for some more good old fashioned fun. So stay tuned.

The boys had so much fun playing with their friends, so this is sure to become a family favourite! Tropical, outdoor, energetic fun and all in a fab setting. Kaki Lima gets our thumbs up.

Open Tuesday to Sunday – 1pm – 9m

This guest review was written by Emily, who is based in Bali, a busy Mamma to 3 little beach boys, and runs villa rental agency Bali Soul Villas