INDONESIA CULTURAL DINING SERIES 39 – Karna Sang Kusuma at Hotel Tugu Malang

INDONESIA CULTURAL DINING SERIES  39 Karna Sang Kusuma Exclusively at TIRTA GANGGA A rare opportunity to witness the celebrated young wayang puppeteer Kii Bayu Surya Kusumalaksana and his talented artists in an exotic wayang dance and gamelan orchestra depicting “Adipati Karna” from the ancient Mahabharata epic. Indonesia’s Best Cultural Dining Series Limited Seats Friday, February …

Indonesia Cultural Dining Series 38 at Hotel Tugu Malang

15 Januari 2019 20.00-21.00 WIB Tirta Gangga- Hotel Tugu Malang Sejalan dengan misi untuk menghidupkan kembali kesenian dan romansa Indonesia serta konsistensi dalam pelestarian ragam budaya Nusantara. Di awal tahun 2019 bulan Januari ini Tugu mempersembahkan pertunjukan “Musik Keroncong” More info and Reservation please contact +62341 363891 or +628113634443

Hello to Halloween! | Hotel Tugu Malang

Entering October, we’re coming close to one of the world’s favorite festive day. A day of mix between happiness and horror. It’s Halloween! Believed to originate from the Gaelic culture, Halloween marked the end of harvest period and entering winter; considered a ‘dark time’ and when spirits can cross over much easier. However, in south …