Eco Tour at The Tugu Kawisari Coffee Plantation

Experience the true soul of Java in the majestic natural landscape of Kawisari Coffee plantation, one of the largest and oldest coffee plantation on the island from the Dutch colonial Goverment in 1870. Located in the slopes of Mount Kelud, Kawisari coffee plantation streches over rolling green hills and valleys, waterfalls and rivers – it can easly be compared to a tropical version of a screen from Lord of the Rings movie. While easy trekking and soaking in the endless natural beauty, learn about the history and growing of the finest Java coffee beans, the harvest ceremonies, the handpicking by the villagers, the roasting and processing. Learn about the various vegetables and fruits that grow there, as well as rubber, cloves, and the famous chivet cats that live in the plantation.
This tour includes an authentic traditional lunch prepared by the local villagers as well as Arabica ad Robusta coffee tasting.