All Proudly Indonesians

ethnic indonesian jewelry handmade beads and antique silver exhibition & sale 02-31 dec 2013 at tugu kunstkring paleis


All Proudly Indonesian

Tugu Kunstkring Paleis is very excited to be collaborating with Dharma Mulia Galleries and Jewels by Irwan to bring you a amazing exhibition and sale of bold ethnic jewelry, old beads and antique silver, all proudly Indonesian!


This is by no means a complete collection; a truly complete collection of antique Indonesian Jewelry would take up the space of this entire building, and perhaps more! This is just a collection of some interesting, some unusual and a few very important pieces from all over the Nusantara. Everything is guaranteed genuine, as stated on the labels.


Nearly all of the Eastern Indonesian pieces in silver (Timor, Sumba, et al) are made from melted down Dutch coins. The older Willem coins were about 70% silver; the later Wilhelmina coins were about 80% pure. The gilding varies a lot in the quality of the gold, and many of what we call “bronze artefacts” are referred to in some books as “copper alloy”.


If you are knowledgeable in this field and think we’ve made a mistake, please let us know. We always strive for accuracy in all the pieces that are shown. Please note all the new creations are labeled Jewels by Irwan, in the Ethnic Mode. Several old bead necklaces have been restrung, insuring that you will be able to enjoy them and wear them for many, many years.


Some of these pieces were included in a major exhibition entitled Ragam Tutup Kepala Nusantara (Head Ornaments of Indonesia) in 2009.


Come spend an afternoon enjoying the collection on display in the lower level Gallery Shop.