Hello to Halloween! | Hotel Tugu Malang

Entering October, we’re coming close to one of the world’s favorite festive day. A day of mix between happiness and horror. It’s Halloween! Believed to originate from the Gaelic culture, Halloween marked the end of harvest period and entering winter; considered a ‘dark time’ and when spirits can cross over much easier. However, in south America, particularly in Mexico and other Latin America countries, the first two days of November are considered a time to celebrate the spirits that have passed; known as Dia de la Muertos or the Day of the Dead. Many might be familiar of the tradition from the movie Coco, released by Disney’s Pixar, a movie for all family members.

Celebrating death is not a foreign concept to Indonesians. Various ethnicity celebrate the passing of the spirit to the afterlife such as Tana Toraja and Bali, which elaborate their ceremonies. But this year, we are honoring the colourful Mexican culture, celebrating the day of the dead with colors at the Melati Restaurant, and highlighting more on the sugar skulls. Usually, simbolizing skulls are made of sugar, while Flowers and whimsical colorful decoration symbolise life, hence it’s decorative nature.

Also, a treat for the young ones: trick or treat event. This is an event for both parents and children, with lots of games and activities aside. Join all the festivity at Hotel Tugu Malang.