Hotel Tugu Malang – Celebrating Valentine’s Day 2014 “Love That Never Ends”

hotel tugu celebrating valentine's day 2014 - love that never ends at melati restaurant

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Eternal novelette of Sampek – Engtay

An experience to the grandeur of Peranakan Romance

Giok Eng Tay, the daughter of a rich man, falls in love with Nio Sam Pek, the son of a commoner. To ensure their family’s well being, Eng Tay’s father insists that she marry Ma Bun Cai, the son of a regent. To ensure that this wish is fulfilled, Eng Tay is locked in her room while her father sends men to attack Sam Pek, who later dies of his wounds. After her marriage is arranged, Giok Eng Tay and her procession pass by Sam Pek’s grave. A rain storm suddenly develops and Sam Pek’s grave splits open; Eng Tay, wanting to be with her lover, runs to the grave and throws herself into it. The grave then closes and the storm dissipates.

Tugu Malang has brought this never ending love story on their St Valentine’s Day celebration
Be the Valentine’s couples in Melati Pavilion who are inspired too by the endless love….

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