Jaka Tarub & Nawang Mulan – Indonesia Cultural Dining Series at Hotel Tugu Malang


Jaka Tarub & Nawang Mulan
( Indonesian Folk Story from Central Java )

There was a young man named Jake Tarub and his mother’s name is Mbok Rondo.
Jaka Tarub is a handsome young man. He is very popular in the village. Many young girls who fall in love with her. But Jaka Tarub think that they are not pretty enough to be his wife. That is why he is still flunky. He intent to have the beautiful wife.
As usual, Jake Tarub go to the forest to collect some fire-woods. Suddenly he heard the sound of the waterfall. He was curious, the sound was coming from the girls who were bathing in a waterfall. Slowly, Jake Tarub walk to their location. When he arrived there, he saw seven beautiful girls were in the shower. He was really amazed by their beauty. He saw the scarf-shawl to seventh angel is left unattended on the river bank. He started thinking maybe it could be useful for him. After waiting for the right time, with the agility Jaka Tarub managed to take one shawl angel unnoticed.
After they finished bathing, the girl slowly take their scarves and preparing to return to the heaven. When taking property of their own shawl, alarmed, Nawang Wulan, one of the fairies because her scarf was not there originally.
The 6th other angel helps Nawang Wulan to find the whereabouts of her shawl. After a long search, scarves Nawang Wulan still not found. 6th angel Nawang Wulan was forced to stay on the earth alone, because they have a time limit on earth. If the time limit was violated, the consequence is that the angel will not be able to return to heaven. After wearing the scarf, they returned to the heaven leaving Nawang Wulan crying at the edge of the lake.
Jaka Tarub was surprised when he saw six women flew to heaven. Nawang Wulan saw crying on the shore, he decided to help her. Seeing beauty Nawang Wulan, he thought better restore the scarf, and offered assistance to stay in his house.
Times revealed they become close to each other and finally got married. They had a baby girl. They have a happy life. They always have enough rice to eat. They do not need to work as hard as their neighbours. That’s because Nawang Wulan used magic in cooking.
One day, Jake Tarub asked him about the magic. Nawang Wulan was not telling secrets and asked Jaka Tarub not to open their own rice storage place in order to avoid any bad things would be happened to their families.
Jaka Tarub increasingly curious about what was in the storage of the rice. Finally he decided to violate the terms of her marriage to Nawang Wulan, he thought probably will not happen as already said by Nawang Wulan.
When he opened the rice, their food supply was suddenly lost. Nawang Wulan found out and became very angry. She was upset because she had lost her magic in cooking. Now she has to take most of the rice supply to cook.
Gradually the rice granary insufficient. And when Nawang Wulan want to take the last portion of rice, she found her shawl. It revealed Jaka Tarub hide her shawl in the barn. Nawang Wulan really happy to find her shawl, but Instantly brokenhearted. The man she loves is caused she can not go back to heaven.
Jaka Tarub was really sad. Before returning to heaven, Nawang Wulan advised Jaka Tarub to bring the child to go out of the house whenever a full moon, because that’s the time for her to come to Earth. And to keep its promise, Jake Tarub took her daughter out when there is a full moon. However Nawang Wulan never returned.