THE LEGEND OF NAGA MESEM, Vessel of the Sea King

A long time ago, the tip of Mount Rinjani was believed to be Kayangan, the Heavens where Batara Guru (Chief of Gods) & the beautiful goddesses resided. The sea in front of the coast of Sire (where Tugu Lombok is now located) was where the dragons lived, under the reign of the powerful Sea Dragon and his handsome son.

One full moon, the beautiful goddesses came down from Mt. Rinjani to pay tribute to the ancient Hindu temples & to bathe in the natural water source by Sire Beach. Intending to bathe at the same time, the handsome son spotted the most enchanting of the goddesses. They hopelessly fell in love & the goddess decided to stay with the Prince. .

When the other goddesses returned to Rinjani Peak, the chief of all gods became upset & desperately tried to get her to return by sending charms of sparkly sunlight rays & beautiful songs to the goddess. The songs awakened the Sea Dragon who was worried the goddess might be captivated by the beautiful sunrise and music and leave his son. Finally with the help of Mahasobya god, a compromise was made: every day the citizens of the Sea Dragon kingdom
should appear on Sire Beach to tell stories of happiness & love between the Prince and the goddess, and the Sun God would deliver these reports back to Batara Guru.

Escape from modern reality in a journey of romantic legends and tropical paradise, to a surreal
land of gods and goddesses. Naga Mesem boat is available for Sunrise Breakfast private charters at Hotel Tugu

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