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Pasar Malam Tugu

Traditional Night Market New Year’s Eve Party
Monday, 31st December 2013
Start from 8 pm at our Kokok Pletok Restaurant

The traditional Lombok way of celebrating is no less merry than exotic. At Tugu Lombok, a jovial celebration is in line with its mission of presenting in life the immense richness of the island culture that had been formed through hundreds of years, through one kingdom to another. This richness, unique to most places in the world, is really how the most humble people lived since the time of the Majapahit Kingdom. Every single day from one dawn to the next one, had been a day of festivities.

Hotel Tugu Lombok celebrates the PASAR MALAM TUGU LOMBOK, the lively traditional village market life that has existed since hundreds of years. Different vendors from traditional villages and islands came to present their specialties; delicacies that they have loved since they were small, that have been cooked for them by their great grandmothers, passed on to their mothers, from their mothers to them, and finally will be passed on to their daughters and granddaughters. Each of these vendors, wearing their traditional daily wear, will craft or sell these dishes in front of their customers while chattering to their neighboring vendor.

The night begins with the royal parade of TUGUDOM, portraying the festive arrival of the Majapahit kingdom royal entourage while visiting the island. After that witness the most interesting theatrical performance of Lombok’s warrior dance GENDANG BELEQ. In the prehistoric era, Gendang Beleq was originally performed to send Lombok warriors off to battle and again to welcome their return.  As we peacefully say good-bye to 2013 and welcome a hopeful 2014, the Gandrung festival, as it is called, makes a perfect ending for a tropical New Year’s Eve fiesta. But the entertainment doesn’t stop: our homegrown talents will play groovy sounds to which you can dance and sing along! D’SUKA band will musically take you on a journey of rock & roll, soul, jazz, reggae and all time favorites.

As we get closer to midnight, we will take you to the beach around the bondfire, where the party continues – rustic and island-style – where you are expected to dance barefooted in the sand under the stars to your heart’s content, to tropical tunes until we countdown to the endings of the year 2013 with a FIREWORK explosion.

Even better – stay up to watch the majestic first sunrise of 2014, over Mount Rinjani and the spiritually silent waters of Tugu Lombok.

* Price per Person is USD 115 Net inclusive of 21 % tax and service charge



25 Dec – Christmas Day Dinner

This will be four course candle light set dinner, priced at Rp. 450.000 +21 %. It will consist of :

Salmon Tartar. 
Mushroom & Chest nut soup.
The main course will be a choice of Surf & turf – New Zealand Tender loin steak & jumbo shrimps. 
Happy ending with Traditional Christmas pudding “Tugu style “with all its trimmings.

Starting with charity program in the afternoon.
Tugu Lombok will hold a charity program on December 25th, this program will involve all children’s from the area as well as Tugu Lombok Staff & their families and our in house guest. This is an annual event with lots of fun, games & entertainment / music to all not forgetting the delicious food.

Children will learn how to keep a clean environment, dividing bin based on organic and an organic , will conducted by Tugu staff . And finally all children will select the gifts that we provide under the christmas tree.

Chrismas Set Menu 1- 2013.psd

Please contact Hotel Tugu Lombok for more informations..