new year's eve - the phantom of the opera djawa at hotel tugu malang

NYE 2014

Life is not to be taken too seriously, especially merry moments like this end of the year. At Hotel Tugu Malang, with the collaboration of the local artists, came the comical choreography of one of the first “Javanese fusion musical opera” which will be performed on New Year’s Eve.

Inspired by the original musical Phantom of the Opera of Andrew Lloyd Webber, this Javanese version tells the story of a beautiful young girl who fell in love with a piece of musical partitur from a very well known Venetian masked musician.

As she really wanted to play the piece, she tried to find the ancient musical partitur, even in her sleep. In one of her dreams, she met a masked musician. Finally they fell in love, and he fulfilled her dream to become an opera singer. How this romance continues and ends will be revealed by the indigenous Malang Mask Dance and Opera in a hilarious comedy that will fill your last evening of 2014 with laughter.

A special Italian gala dinner by our Italian chef Stefano …. will be served that evening at Tugu’s Melati Restaurant that features a classic Malang Tempo Doeloe/old Malang atmosphere.
RSVP : +62 341 363891 or Email : malang[at]tuguhotels[dot]com