Support Lombok Relief with Lucienne Kristi Anhar

Dear Friends of Tugu,

Lucienne, of the owning family of Tugu Hotels & Restaurants, who has been leading Tugu’s Lombok Relief initiative, has been nominated in the Yak’s Award 2018 for the Outstanding Achievement Award. We are truly grateful for Yak Magazine for the acknowledgment.

Thanks to the wonderful support and donations from guests, friends and partners, to this day, we have managed to help 140 remote evacuation camps (roundly 40,000 people) in many causes, including providing food, water, and sanitation supply, water tanks, water pumps, water filters, generator sets, tents, blankets, books, school materials for schools and many more. We have provided almost 300 public toilets for the camps, roundly 200 water containers of 550 ltr capacity for the villages, tarp tents and materials for 100 primary schools. We are now moving to semi-permanent house project, to give the victims shelter while waiting for the house rebuilding fund that has been promised by the government.

More than 350,000 people in north Lombok are still living under tarp roof on fields and their home yards to this day, more than 2 (two) months after the earthquake happened, and the rainy season is coming very soon.

We are well on progress with our 500 first houses, but many more (there were more than 167,000 houses destroyed according to BNPB) need shelter.

These natural disasters that have happened recently in Indonesia initiated the creation of our Tugu Foundation, with the realization that through our connections within Indonesia and abroad, through tourism, with our local knowledge and our closeness to the local societies in the islands, we are able to make significant impact and help in aleviating issues in Indonesia where the aids can go directly to the victims.

We humbly would like to ask your support to also vote for Lucienne through below link :

Simply register your email and confirm them in order to vote.

Your vote would make a big difference for the Tugu Foundation as we continue to work on various humanity causes in Indonesia into the future. We thank you in advance for all your support.


Yours Truly,

Tugu Family