Table for Two at Mount Bromo

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1. Tugu Malang - Bromo (blog - credit to Irsam)

Hotel Tugu Malang offers a unique, unforgettable Romantic Breakfast at Mount Bromo while witnessing the magnificent sunrise. This offer includes:

• 2 nights retreat at a room of your choice
• Welcome healthy cocktails of your choice
• Welcome neck and shoulder massage at Apsara Spa
• Return trip to watch the world-famous breathtaking sunrise at the volcanic Mount Bromo
• A lavish Tugu Breakfast and a small bottle of wine for two on this tour
• Authentic traditional High Tea ritual with homemade cakes every afternoon
• Another lavish breakfast set where you wish
• Complete your journey with complimentary Hotel Antique Tour through all of our venues which houses a magnificent antique collection

The Itinerary

The sunrise tour of Mount Bromo starts at approximately 6am departing from Hotel Tugu Malang. As we leave the city of Malang behind, busy streets are replaced with rice terraces, corn fields and palm trees as far as the eye can see.

Passing through the small town of Tumpang, we continue our scenic drive up the mountain range. Breathe in the fresh mountain air and feel the cool breeze caress your hair. In less than an hour, we arrive at the stunning waterfalls of Coban Pelangi, a 30-metre high hidden beauty surrounded by pine forests. A 20-minute descend to the river on foot rewards us with a quaint spot by the river. You’re welcome to cool off in the refreshing water.

The road trip continues up the winding roads towards the Bromo plateau, passing the village of Ngadas with its steep hills and endless plantations before reaching the entrance of the Bromo Valley. Take in the stunning view and enjoy the serenity of the valley.

Back on the road, lush green vegetations are slowly morphing into dusty volcanic sandy roads. A surreal looking vast empty desert plateau reveals itself to us. This is the starting point of our trek up Mount Bromo.

At that time of the day, most of the tourists are gone already, which means we can have Mount Bromo almost all to ourselves. We drive to the vantage point to get a spectacular view of the whole Bromo-Semeru mountain range. Meet the residents of Tengger, allegedly descendants of Majapahit Kingdom, who still practise their traditional and religious ceremonies at the edge of the volcano crater. At the back of the mountain we carefully make our descend while the late morning clouds come rolling over the hills. Lush plantations follow us all the way back to Malang.

For more adventurous guests, we offer an alternative tour with dirt bikes or mountain bikes and the option of mountain climbing to make it more interesting!

Contact us to organize your dream tour of Mount Bromo at malang[at]tuguhotels[dot]com

About Hotel Tugu Malang

Hotel Tugu Malang houses a vast, enviable collection of Javanese artwork, showcasing Java’s luxurious, romantic, and exotic heritage. The Hotel prides itself in preserving the untouched, unspoilt Java and the beautiful richness of its culture.