Tugu Lavish Catering

We Are Ready To Serve You, With Any Kind Of Requirement For Your Event, Anywhere In Indonesia.

Constantly awarded as simply the Best Indonesian Restaurant Group as well as the best experiential dining in the country, Tugu Catering will take care of everything in providing your guests a truly unforgettable experience. We take care of every smallest detail from the finest food and beverage offerings, luxurious buffet or full table service, open bar, unique cultural Tugu Dining experiences, up to all types of entertainment as well as unsurpassed award-winning artful Tugu decoration and design.

Tugu Catering can be your one-stop shop and our team will remove all your party and event planning worries, taking care of all your party organization. Just leave it all to us to create your most fabulous event of the year.

Whether a party of 20 or up to 1000 guests; for weddings, birthdays, corporate events, intimate gathering in your home or any special events, our services are available on all locations across Indonesia. Full-service breakfast, lunch or dinner, different selections of Indonesian, Western, Chinese, Peranakan, Indian and/or Middle Eastern.

Tugu Catering dining experience is more than a meal; it’s a rare, unique experience that allows you to travel to the romantic eras of Indonesia centuries ago. Tugu recreates the forgotten art of culinary from the kitchen of the humble Javanese villagers to the royal feasts.

Contact us at tugucatering@tuguhotels.com