Tuju Art Group Exhibition in Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

Tuju Art Group Exhibition in Tugu Kunstkring Paleis

Bataviasche Kunstkring, one of the most beautiful historical buildings in Jakarta, now managed by Tugu Hotels & Restaurants Group who is known for bringing back to life the beautiful art, culture and history of the archipelago. The grand building has been decorated and returned to its original splendor, titled as TUGU KUNSTKRING PALEIS, an oasis of art & culture and culinary delights, exactly 101 years after its first opening in the Dutch Colonial Times.

From 2013 onwards, this legendary building is a proud center of art exhibitions, as well as other events with high appreciation to the beauty of arts and history. It will also house a gallery where guests can buy beautiful artworks, jewels, lifestyle products and other design items, a fine restaurant, a grand elegant lounge as well as a tea house.

To stay true to Kunstkring’s original mission, Tuguhotels & Tugu Dining Jakarta show their continuous support to this commitment, in working together with various artists. One of the artists are TUJU :
Tugu Kunstkring Jakarta  - Tuju Group

Together collaborating with Singapore Embassy in Jakarta, who is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its independence in 2015, and to commemorate and celebrate this major milestone in our nation’s history, TUJU Art Group decided to hold art exhibitions in Jakarta. The artworks comprises of subjects that are close to the artists heart that will open many doors of lesson learnt to how Singapore grow from a humble small country to a developed nation. At various perspectives the exhibition will encourage others to emulate and inspire them to dare to dream in achieving their goals.

As Singapore turns 50, it will be timely to reflect Singapore as a nation and how far the people have come. TUJU Art Group inspires to connect the audiences through their artworks, illustrating the Singapore’s stories and be a part of the anniversary celebrations. This will be an opportunity for everyone to express their love for the nation, to show love and concern for each other in their own ways. These art exhibitions are envisaged the 2015 calendar to be filled with many ground-up efforts by TUJU Arts Group to mark this important milestone in Singapore history.

This event allows TUJU to celebrate SG50 with International community and Singaporeans in Indonesia. This exhibiotion will expose participating artists to experience the substance of working together and experience the difference values, cultures, environment and learning new set skills. The engaging event allows the artists to discover the cultural context and environment in which visual art was born and developed.

Each artist to display 3 artworks;
– Rosihan Dahim – Paintings on Dreams & Desires
– Abu Jalal Sarimon – Paintings on People Dynamics
– Sujak Rahman – Paintings on Cultures and Characters
– Sunar Sugiyou – Paintings on Life in the City
– Ramli Nawee – Paintings on Economic Evolution

Title : TUJU Celebrates SG50 in Jakarta, Indonesia, in Commemoration of Singapore Golden Jubilee, 50th Anniversary of Its Independence.
Dates : 11 Aug – 11 Sep 2015
Venue : TUGU Kunstkring Paleis, Jakarta
Quantity of artworks : 17 artworks of various media. 15 (Painting) & 2 (3D works) Opening Date : Tue 11 Aug 2015
Guest-of-Honour : Singapore Ambassador for Jakarta
Invitation (Opening) : Mailing list from TUGU Kunstkring Paleis
Artist’s Community, Business Organisations, Local Government Institutions, Singapore International foundation, Students, Tourist, Medias etc.
Community in Indonesia, Business and Arts Institutions & Art communities

Public Viewing : Exhibition is opened to public from 13 Aug 2015
Preview & Media : 11 Aug 2015
Estimated Visitors : 5,000
TUJU Art Group
TUJU meaning “Direction” was formed in year 2005. Each artist was selected based on their strength and identified on their specific element and styling.
– Rosihan Dahim – the Light – Surrealism Art
– Abu Jalal – the Voice – Social Commentary Art
– Sujak Rahman – the Earth – Contemporary Batik Art
– Sunar Sugiyou – the Water – Conceptualised Art
– Ramli Nawee – the Wind – Digital Art

TUJU first art exhibition was held in Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai. It was a very successful exhibition and they received huge coverage from various media in Dubai. They participated in Art Auction organised during Singapore National Day Celebration by Singapore International Community in Dubai. Proceed from the art auction was contributed to the underprivileged school in Dubai.

TUJU and it members are aspired to promote and develop Singapore as a nation of Arts Excellence, in line with Singapore objective to build Singapore as the arts hub in this region. TUJU wishes the dedication, passion and vision that they have contributed will inspire the younger artists and assist to promote and shape-up Singapore art development. As a group and on individual capacity, they have travelled wide and far; Middle East, Australia, Europe, Asia and South East Asia. We have exhibited our work, curated the show and networked with people that we met. Singapore is always in our heart and we never failed to promote Singapore and proudly highlighted to them that we are artists from Singapore.

Tuju Art Group - Kunstkring Paleis Restaurants Jakarta


Realising the strength of arts as an interactive and people centric medium, TUJU generously contributed their art skills and time for the social cause via social & community engagement projects. They have done projects for local and international scenes; School for the Deaf, Cancer Society, Community Chest, President Charity and Association for Handicapped Children in Dubai.
Vision : An art group of distinction, love art and to inspire.
Mission : Engaging and nurturing confident artists, active and global thinkers. Values : Integrity, Respect, Gratitude, Resilience and Creative