Waroeng Djamoe Spa Revealing The Secret Of Indonesian Palaces Centuries Old Wellness Recipes

Hotel Tugu Bali’s Waroeng Djamoe Spa is not your typical spa in Canggu, Bali’s hippest surf village that is now dotted with westernised, modernised spas providing Balinese massages among other treatments such as lomi-lomi, Swedish massages as well as quick manicures.

For centuries the people of Java and Bali have been adhering to their authentic indigenous health & wellbeing treatments that we now call “spa”, using only natural herbs and spices, as well as traditional healing techniques, following the ancient tradition from centuries ago that have been passed on from one generation to the next. These secrets of the ancient mystical East are now slowly disappearing with the spread of globalisation. Hotel Tugu Bali’s mission to bring back to live and celebrate the centuries old cultures of Indonesia include the preservation of these disappearing well-being, health and beauty techniques that have been practiced almost religiously in the palaces of Java and Bali by the ladies & gentlemen of the royal courts.

One of these dying practices is the preparation and consumption of 200% all-natural fresh djamoe. Djamoe is a mixture of traditional herbs, leaves, roots and spices, which are used for healing, beauty and rejuvenation. Djamoe can be drunk as concoction for daily maintenance or remedies, or for beauty, it can be various different kinds of rubs & lotion applied to the body, face and hair. Drinking djamoe is instrumental in the daily lives of Indonesian as it comes with favorable benefits – some djamoe can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, promote weight loss, and even increase appetite & energy for sexual performances – which is great for honeymooners. In the beauty department, mixtures of roots from the galangal, turmeric, & curcuma family, jicama, tropical flowers, will leave your skin as soft & glowing as morning dew. Jamoe class is organised at Waroeng Djamoe Spa at Hotel Tugu Bali, where guests can learn how to prepare some of these djamoes for their own daily consumption at home. Amongst the many Djamoe Cabe Puyang is known to have helped with weight loss, while Djamoe Beras Kencur (rice and gallangal) are often seeked to cure muscle sores, and the famous Djamoe Kunir Asem (turmeric and tamarind) is loved by ladies for promoting glowing smooth skin.

Waroeng Djamoe Spa’s signature treatment, The Royal Keraton treatment, is 5-hours in duration and was adapted from royal Javanese palatial treatment where one will be pampered from head to toe. Done in the Kamar Dandang Goela, which exudes mysterious beauty of the East in the atmosphere, the treatment starts with a long-stroke deep tissue Javanese massage, followed with a scrub session using exotic rub made of rice and turmeric before applying layers of avocado and yoghurt balm, which then sealed with curcuma spice mask and ended with a luxurious milk bath.

The 90 minutes- Mantra Therapy is brought to life in Hotel Tugu Bali based on the disappearing practice of mantra chanting for healing & well-being in Indonesia. This almost hypnotizing massage therapy focuses on chakra opening massages combined with healing mantras. Throughout the treatment, the therapist chants mantra which were given by and taught by the Balinese high priest of Batu Bolong temple with calming strokes using heated, soothing herbal oils, that puts both mind and body to a state of bliss and harmony.

These traditions combines aspects of spirituality with the physical healing arts to achieve the ultimate in mind, body and soul harmony to enhance total deep relaxation. Waroeng Djamoe Spa  take guests on a journey back a thousand years ago to discover the deepest secret of beauty and well-being of Indonesian royal courts, amidst the ethereally romantic atmosphere of Hotel Tugu Bali.