Will and Friends || Gado-Gado – Hotel Tugu Malang

As part of continuing tour of Malang, East Java, Chef Will Meyrick takes you to Oro-Oro Dowo Market, where you can find Bengkel Gado-Gado by Pak Wito, it’s the best place to find Gado-Gado in Malang.
After street food style Gado-Gado, Chef Will takes us to Tugu Hotel to taste “the luxurious version” made by the Executive Chef of the hotel; Chef Nano.
At Tugu the chefs cook in a very special room, the Soekarno Room, in front of a big Garuda; the national emblem of Indonesia. First they prepare the essence of the dish, the peanut sauce, and while waiting for the sauce to slowly simmer until it turns thick, the vegetables are prepared, along with tofu and lontong (compressed rice cake). After the peanut sauce sets, place it onto a wrapped-leaf along with the veggies, soybean cake, tofu, lontong, and sambal (chili) inside a pincuk (traditional plate). To complete the flavour, add Belinjo and Prawn crackers. Predictably perfect.


Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-pdfH3bWcs