Month: January 2014

Prepare yourself for the St Valentine’s Day in Tugu Bali

a celebration of love - for a romantic rendez-vous with your lover, bring romance to another height - tugu style at hotel tugu bali

Prepare yourself for the St Valentine’s Day in Tugu Bali Before sunset, stimulate your mind with the smell of flowers and incense, accelerate your spirit in our award winning Warong Djamoe Spa. Then enter a dreamlike atmosphere, lit by a hundred candles and serenaded by the magical songs of the waves. Choose your exclusive private …

Celebrate Chinese New Year With The Blessing Of God Of Kicthen At Dapur Babah

celebrate chinese new year with the blessing of god of kitchen at dapurbabah 12 dewa - 12 makanan aseli babah

  12 Dishes welcoming the Lunar New Year In Babah kitchens, they normally kept a statue of their own Goddess Protector. On Thursday evenings, they burnt incense and provided fragrant fresh flowers to this Kitchen Goddess Protector, and prayed to Him for their safety and well-being. Their belief and the existence of the Goddess Protector in …

East Indies from Ian Burnet

east indies book review from ian burnet at tugu kunstkring paleis

PRESS RELEASE Tugu Kunstkring Paleis -proudly presents- Book Review East Indies from Ian Burnet The 200 year struggle for trade supremacy between the Portuguese, the Dutch, and the English across the Eastern Seas, which had been transformed into colonial powers. Ian Burnet, has spent thirty years, living, working and travelling in Indonesia, and is fascinated …