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Djamoe (the old spelling of ‘jamu’, traditional all-natural elixir drinks made of roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and herbs) is archetypal of centuries-old beliefs of wellbeing and healing, with secret recipes passed on from one generation to another, all through the archipelago but most strongly in the island of Java. Indonesian women, and men, believed that daily intake of these natural elixirs sends diseases and doctors away, and so many of our grandmothers who swore by it retained their youthful beauty till the end of their healthy lives of near 100 years old.
This tradition is unfortunately a dying dinosaurs, and along with Tugu’s mission, each of our property now proudly introduces this djamoe class in our spas, and we are committed to making them only from our own organic gardens. Additionally, learn about Javanese royal body treatment courses inherited from the ancient palaces of Java.
Available at the Apsara Spa at Hotel Tugu Malang, the Warong Djamoe Spa at Hotel Tugu Bali, the Hening Swarga Spa at Hotel Tugu Lombok and the newest addition to our award-winning spas –  Lali Djiwo Spa at Hotel Tugu Blitar