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Writer: Dhina Chahyanti


TIMESINDONESIA, MALANG – SaigonSan celebrates the colorful culture and cuisine of Indochine/Indochina. Indochine is a geographical term originating in the early nineteenth century, referring to the lands historically within the cultural influence of India and China, and physically bound by the Indian Subcontinent in the west and China in the north.

It corresponds to the present-day areas of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and (variably) peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. The diverse cultures of Indochine traced their roots to pre-modern kingdoms and empires. For centuries this area was shaped by numerous influences, most notably the expansive trade and political contacts of South and East Asia.

SaigonSan, including the adjoining Royal Angkor Room, is a museum restaurant, where guests can have the very best cuisine of Indochina (Vietnamese, Thai, with influences of Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar) while enjoying the Arts of the Gods-beautiful historical artworks of Indochina in the atmosphere of the Angkor ancient kingdom and temples.

The Royal Angkor Room, attached to SaigonSan, was created to commemorate Jayavarman II, the founder of the kingdom of Angkor in the early 9th century, who had resided for some time in Java during the reign of Sailendras kingdom. It was from Java that Jayavarman II took the Hinduism concept of Devaraja (God King) and placed himself as the Lord of the Universe. Being revered as a god-king, he asserted his divine kingship over the Khmer of his absolute sovereignty and served as a strong root for the steady growth of the Angkor civilization. He became extremely powerful in Cambodia.

A section of the Royal Angkor Room represents the festive night markets such as the ones in Chiangmai in Thailand, Hoi An in Vietnam, Luang Prabang in Laos, and Siam Reap in Cambodia.

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