Weaving Intricate Cultures Of The Archipelago

Sasak women spend their day weaving traditional materials to earn money for their families and in some part of Lombok, this is a skill that needs honing before they can be wedded aslearning how to weave is an obligation.Sukarare village in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, is a center for traditional hand-woven fabric of the Sasak tribe, also known asTenunSongket,with techniquesandpatterns that have been handed down through generations. Not only you get to take home the gorgeous fabrics, a visit to the village will allow you to have a hands-on experience in weaving together with the Sasak ladies. Learn about the traditional pattern of Lombok called Subahnale, and compare it to other tenun ikat weaving of the other areas of Indonesia, such as east Bali, Sumba, and Sulawesi.

From Hotel Tugu Bali, hop in the car for a day trip to the village of Tenganan in the east of Bali, to discover the beauty of Tenun Gringsing, beautiful traditional cloth weaving with double ikat technique. The word gringsing means ‘not sick’ – this tenungringsing is believed to contain spiritual powers that can protect against bad spirits and illness. It was said that the tenungringsing has the origin from ancient India (Andhra Pradesh), and there are only a total of 14 patterns that they weave these days. Each cloth can take 2-5 years to weave, and thus is extremely valuable. Commonly tenungringsing only uses 3 different natural colors, and the weaving involves only natural ingredients such as Indian mulberry roots and rip candlenut.

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