The Art of Japanese Tea and Dessert Pairing

Ji Restaurant Bali & ChonTea invite you for a unique experience

Learn about the characters of various Japanese tea and how to prepare them using chasen & chawan, while indulging in the Japanese influenced Ji’s award-winning desserts.

Lavender Yuzu Organic Hojicha with Red Bean Mochi
Spring 2020 Picked Organic Sencha Superior with Green Tea Cheese Cake
Sencha Iri Matcha Genmai with Miso Creme Brulee
Hand Picked Cherry Blossom Matcha | Sakura Komachi with Chocolate Cigar

Sat 23 Jan 2021, 3 – 5 pm
@The Bale Sutra Temple 1706, Ji Restaurant Bali, Canggu

IDR 350,000/ person
strict social distancing protocol applies.

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