Chasing Waterfalls – Embrace and enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia.


Chasing Waterfalls

Embrace and enjoy the natural beauty of Indonesia.

Indonesia is not all about beaches, its lush endless green fields, rolling hills of tropical jungle, hidden rivers and waterfalls are little visited by international visitors. Rich with sublime scenery and awe inspiring views, hundreds of waterfalls remain untouched but some are waiting for you to discover them.
Just to name a few within our regions: Coban Rondo waterfall in Malang region is an 84 meter-tall waterfall that can be found after an easy trek. Behind the natural beauty there is a local Javanese love legend that tells of a story that the water from this waterfalls are the tears of a beautiful goddess Dewi Anjarwati from Mount Kawi, who lost the love of her life in a battle. Coban Pelangi waterfall (also in Malang) literally means the Rainbow Waterfall, and is a 107 meter-tall waterfall where rainbow commonly appears at this waterfall, creating a majestic scenery.


In Bali, Tegenungan waterfall is not very tall at 15 meters, but the volume of crystal clear water is immense and powerful. In Buleleng, the 40 minutes trek through lush foliage might not be the easiest but it’s also what’s keeping this group of 7 waterfalls beautiful.


The area of Lombok where Tugu Lombok is located, is also naturally blessed with various wonderful unknown waterfalls, from Gangga, Tiu Kelep, Tiu Pupus, Tiu Sekeper and many other hidden gems inside lush tropical forests known usually visited only by the local villagers.


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