25 Things to Do in Canggu that will make you want to stay in Bali…forever… (abrotherabroad.com)

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Writer: Carlos Grider


I know what the first thing that comes to mind is when you think of Bali, and Canggu is not that. This is not your “Eat, Pray, Love” Bali. Canggu was born waaaaaay after that era, and it shows. This place is about adventure, taste, culture, fun, and chillin’ in between. It’s a launch pad to mountains, jungles and beaches. This part of Bali is about surfing and diving by day and coconuts and cocktails by night. Things to do in Canggu range so broadly that anyone and everyone can find something here to fall in love with, and most who come will have a hard time leaving.

So, what’s this “Canggu ‘hood” all about anyways?

Canggu’s about experiencing the best in life where time stands still and the outside world seems to fade away. It’s about cruising a scooter between rice fields on a daytrip to temples perched on stones in the sea. It’s about learning to surf followed by a beachside beer and a sunset. It’s about eating the best, most creative, cheapest fusion food in Southeast Asia. Its about exchanging culture with a hip new generation of charming yet gentle and welcoming Balinese locals at every corner.

That, is why Canggu is the place to be. It doesn’t matter if Canggu is a stop off on your way to chilling in the “Gilis”, or a dive course in Amed, or is a rest stop after a tour of southeast Asia. Whatever your situation, Canggu is a must, and the 25 things to follow will fit perfectly into your itinerary helping you get to know the coolest place in Bali.

Welcome to Canggu.

Eat…the amazing international fusion dishes created by the young, Balinese scene in Canggu

Canggu’s food scene is unique in that it spans nearly every cuisine and budget imaginable. From amazing sushi at Ji and Tugu Hotel rooftop restaurant, to vegan and vegetarian dishes at Peloton Superhshop and Green Ginger Noodle shop, to the carnivore friendly burger joints of Burgerz and Panama, Canggu is filled with more food options than you’ll likely be able to try in a single trip, and they’re all pretty damn good.

Not sure where to start? Try these

Tugu & Ji: Rooftop view with amazing sushi, Japanese fusion dishes, and a variety of cocktails


Experience Balinese Cultural Dances at Tugu Hotel Bali

Every Thursday night at 7:30PM the Tugu Hotel, the team puts on a traditional Balinese dance show. If you want to experience some real Balinese culture, this is a quick and easy opportunity. Tugu is located just across the street (2 mins walking) from Old Man’s Bar and The Lawn, making this a great start or addition to any evening.

As a huge bonus, the Tugu rooftop is an excellent location to watch a sunset, with a drink in hand, and perhaps some very good sushi.

Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong, Canggu Beach, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung



Hang out on a Canggu beach

Bali is known for its beaches, and rightly so. Canggu is earning its own reputation just as quickly. Warm waters, plenty of sun, cool air. All of that being walking distance from accommodation make Canggu’s beaches difficult to not get addicted to.

Batu Bolong Beach: Notorious among the beginner surfers, thanks to a very beginner friendly break, and great for sunsets as well. Around 5pm, the non-surfers come out to enjoy, taking advantage of the 5pm-6pm happy hour at Old Man’s bar and pouring into The Sand bar’s beach area as live music blares. In between your time at Old Man’s and Sandbar, walk over to countless great restaurants in walking distance, like Tugu, The Slow, the lawn, and several others on the “Batu Bolong Drag” — From early in the morning for surf and late at night for the fun, Batu Bolong is a must during your Canggu trip.


Go for a drink and enjoy the Canggu Bars

If you’re in Canggu you’re either on vacation or in the right mindset…and that deserves some time at the bars with good drinks and good music…and Bali has plenty of both

After 10pm, find your way across “the Shortcut” and move closer to Batu Bolong beach where the life continues into the night. These 5 bars should get you started and into the Canggu nightlife

Tugu Hotel rooftop:

Perfect for when you’re ready to start “adulting”. Cocktails on Canggu’s first upscale hotel are a solid way to start the night.

Need more Canggu nightlife ideas? There are plenty more where those came from. Just read our Canggu Bars Guide so you’ll know your options well before you come.