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There are lots top things to do in Canggu. As part of Bali’s region, Canggu is worth to visit. You can find lots of attractive objects in here, from beaches till cultural performance. Lots of reviews of this place show good comments, so no need to worry about its beauty. Furthermore, here are some among many things to do in Canggu. Check these out!

1. Beaches in Canggu

Beach will always be the best tourism destination in Bali. Almost every region in this island has some magnificent beaches. Let’s we count them; Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, Legian Beach and many more! For more references, you may visit Canggu Beach. Canggu Beach has divided into several beaches; Echo Beach, Batu Bolong Beach, Nelayan Beach, Selasih Beach, Seseh Beach and Mengening Beach. Those beaches have the same features, black sandy beach, and great waves. Many visitors spend their holiday lazing in the black sand, sunbathing or playing in the water.

The stunning point of these beaches is sunset view. Opposite from Kuta or Seminyak, Canggu beach is quieter. When you come here, the only voices that you hear are birds chirping and waves movements. Sunset here is way more secluded without any disturbing around. Watch the sun goes down while sitting on the beach with your sweetheart. Taking your pre-wedding or honeymoon photos in Canggu Beach will be good. Bali Snapshot Photography Tour will take your best shot here.

2. Desa Seni Yoga

Canggu is countryside region. When you visit this place, you’ll evidence lots of green rice fields and many traditional traditions. The air in here is fresh and clear. This unpolluted atmosphere is suitable for exercising your body as well as cleanse your mind. The perfect exercise is Yoga. Yoga is a combination of body exercise and calming mind. While you’re doing it, your body will burn lots of calories and fats, then your mind will slowly relax. Desa Seni Yoga is a resort with close-to-nature as the theme. This resort provides you many nature-related activities. Even though you’re not booking a room here, you can join with Yoga class.

Having yoga in Desa Seni is like doing it in paradise! The yoga class will hold in Joglo near the rice field. The instructor will lead you in some great movements. While you’re doing yoga, the nature back song will please your ear. Clean air breeze will fill your lung and help you to control your mind. Great things to do in Canggu isn’t?

3. Bali Equestrian Centre

Bali Equestrian Centre is dedicated to whoever loves horse riding. This horse stable is renowned place in Canggu. Built-in 2.5ha area, the facilities in here are internationally certificated. Expert horse riders are able to show off their technique as well as the novices. Professional trainers are here to help you with your first horse riding experience. They will teach you with such great horse riding technique. For children, you may ride pony then walk along in the area. Rest your mind because your children will be accompanied by the guard. If you don’t really into horse riding in the stable, then village tour could be your alternative. The tour will last for an hour, moreover, you’ll get a great experience of exploring rural life above the horse back.

4. Taman Segara Madu

When you visit Canggu, don’t miss to visit Taman Segara Madu. This place is one of water parks in Bali. Even though this place is not as big as Waterbom Bali, this water park will be your savior if you craving for water park. This place provides Olympic-sized pools that suitable for swimming and competition. You can improve your swimming here or have mini competition with your friends. Some water rides in here are suitable for kids. When you take along your children, you can make them busy with these water slides. No need to worry because lifeguard will stand by around. There are some activities that you can join based on their schedule, such as water yoga. So, if you’re yogis and want to try something new, water yoga in Taman Segara Madu is great things to do in Canggu.

5. Mekotek Rituals

One of Hindu traditions, that you can watch in Munggu Village near Canggu, is Mekotek. This tradition holds as part of Kuningan day. When the rituals begin, many male local residents bring bamboo poles and make a pyramid from the poles. There will be two big bamboo pyramids. Local residents will crash those pyramids until one of them broken. The sound of the broken pyramid makes people happy instead of angry. They will scream out loud happily as the pyramid falls down. This ritual holds annually on June. This tradition is for celebrating the good (dharma) wind against the bad (adharma). It’s been years since the tradition first held, yet villagers still keep it until now.

6. Cooking Class in Iboe Soelastri Cooking Class

Among Balinese cooking class, Iboe Soelastri Cooking Class is the popular one. This class is provided by Hotel Tugu in Canggu. When you join in cooking class, the ingredients are already settled in front of you. Nevertheless, Iboe Soelastri Cooking Class will let you learn cooking from a very first thing, buying ingredients. You’ll get to buy you’re the ingredients in a tour to Badung traditional market, the biggest traditional market in Bali. The guide will explain every ingredient to you, form the greens, meat, and herbs! After shopping, you’ll head to the kitchen.

Don’t expect about a modern kitchen with various electronic things. This class will introduce you into a traditional kitchen with numerous ethnic utensils. When you’re about to grind the herbs, you won’t use blender or food processors. Stone traditional grinder will be your best partner in this cooking session. The stove that you’ll use is wood stove! A bit burdensome maybe, however you’ll gain a great experience about cooking in traditional way! After finishing your cooking, you can taste your own food!

7. Tanah Lot

Visiting Tanah Lot is one of the things to do in Canggu that you definitely cannot skip. As it is about 30-minutes drive from Canggu to Tanah Lot, you might need to use the service from Bali car rental. A great Hindu temple there will greet you once you walk in the beach. In some moment, the waves crashing to the cliff where the temple built. The meeting between waves and cliff create marvelous sight. When the evening comes then the sun goes down, the landscape turns into way more incredible. Silhouette of the temple with ocean splashing around it then, blend with scarlet sunset sky, produce romantic yet dramatic outlook. Put this place on your list then you won’t regret it.