A Culinary Journey throughout the Passage of Time at Hotel Tugu Bali (balinews.co.id)

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Tugu Bali; an internationally acclaimed boutique museum hotel is part of the Tugu family, with 11 Hotels & independent restaurants across Java, Bali and Lombok. Their notoriety comes from sourcing and tracing their recipes back to previous generations and ancient settings of the islands, villages, and palaces through a series of Indonesian theatrical dining, all set in venues that portray 18th-19th century architecture of sacred halls, ancient temples and museums dedicated to the Puputan War

At Hotel Tugu Bali, the house mission of recreating Indonesia’s art, culture, and romance extends down to its culinary offer. Dining experience, fusing gourmet delights with age-old cultural and ceremonial rituals, are arranged in historically themed, atmosphere-charged chambers or manicured landscapes reconstructed in the hotel’s areas. Some are more theatrical than the other, but this truly embodies an Indonesian culinary experience like no other, involving aspects of traditional rituals, presentation, and history—and an endless choice of delicious food!

Tugu Weekly Cultural Evening

Every Thursday, Hotel Tugu Bali presents Tugu Cultural Evening where there will be a live Balinese Dance and Music Performance. This free admission event starts at 7:30 pm onwards and presented on the stage at the majestic Bale Agung, a soaring 15-meter-tall ancient architecture based on the now-extinct sacred hall of Bayung Gede village. Every week, there is a different genuine Balinese dance performance in the most authentic Balinese setting. Guests can treat themselves to a night of theatre to recreate the golden era of Indonesian history.

Indonesia Cultural Dining Series

Highlights of the lavish “Indonesia’s Cultural Dining Series”; a string of on-request lavish dining concepts include “Babah Peranakan Dinner” and the “Forbidden City Dinner,” both hosted in the red-themed Bale Sutra, housing a 1706 Kang Xi–era Chinese family temple shipped from Java, complete with priceless artworks, statues, and ancient dining tables. Expect fine Asian cuisine presented on antique silver with Ming-style tableware, served by a procession of traditionally attired wait staffs. Alternatively, Bale Puputan, an elegant dining room fusing 19th-century Dutch colonial style with royal Balinese imperialism entertains guests with a grand rijsttafel feast, a Dutch colonial-era smorgasbord, with 12 traditional dishes served by yet another procession of young maidens. This is group dining with a difference; be sure to book at least one day in advance.

Congklak Set Menu

There’s no cuisine of one single country in the world that is as diverse as the cuisine of Indonesia. With more than 13.000 islands and hundreds of completely distinct ethnic groups in its history, each of whom created hundreds of very different dishes based on very different vegetation, spices and produce of each locality, it is almost impossible to pinpoint specific characters of Indonesian cuisine.

There are several ways of eating Indonesian food. Some dishes are just single dishes, usually soupy, and are eaten with steamed rice and an accompaniment of sambal relish. Some examples of these are Rawon, a fragrant black kluwek nut beef soup, or , or Soto Ayam, the famous turmeric chicken soup, that are eaten with steamed rice as a main staple, not as a soup or appetizer

Inspired by an Indian Thali small portions of many dishes that look appetizing and offer a great variety in small containers. called Rijsttafel, Tugu Bali Restaurant’s version is served on a Congklak board a traditional Indonesian game.

Congklak is a mancala game of ancient Javanese origin played in South East Asia, India and Srilanka. While the objective of the game is to capture more seeds in the storehouse than one’s opponent our objective is for you to sample as many delectable dishes prepared with love…

When visiting Bali, make sure you make time to experience any of these dining experiences that is both lively and authentic at, making dinner a meal to remember.