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Writer: Mollie


 Welcome to Canggu or ‘the gu’ as locals call it.

When I visited Canggu 4 years ago, tourism was only just getting started. I’ve returned to Bali now in January 2020 and well, I hardly recognise Canggu. It seems word has caught on about the beachfront, surf haven that it is and international guests have flown in from all over with many choosing to settle and develop here too.

Though it’s busy and changing rapidly here in Canggu, there are so many beautiful things to be said about this location. For me, there’s a real sense of community at the heart of Canggu. There’s a beautiful bustle to it and there’s high energy of ocean lovers, sunset cocktail chasers, yogi spirits and more than a few digital nomads roaming around in the gorgeous cafes here.

Canggu is still one of my favourite spots in Bali and one of the best things to do in Bali if you’re looking to soak up the surf, yoga and beachy vibes!

A guide to exploring Canggu, Bali: The best things to do, see and eat

Where to stay in Canggu…
Looking for a hostel?

HostelWorld here and have a browse at the gorgeous locations on offer.
Looking for a hotel or a villa?

I stayed at Hotel Tugu in Canggu which was a once in a lifetime experience of not only accommodation but authentic Bali. I’m not one to usually splash out on hotels, but this hotel was worth every penny, trust me. See my review of Hotel Tugu Canggu here.
Looking for an AirBnb?

As always, unless you are a solo traveller or particularly fancy hostel life, I recommend starting your search on AirBnb. In Bali you get incredible value for money and can really bag yourself some unique experiences via AirBnb. I use it all the time!

Getting To Canggu…

From Denpasar airport, Canggu is about a 45-minute drive and it’s approximately 20km. You are pretty much guaranteed to be met by eager taxi drivers fighting for your custom as you come through arrivals. Although you may feel flattered at this point, if you’re looking for a bargain, download the Uber app using the airport’s free WIFI and order a car via them. A taxi will only cost around 200-300,000IDR {£11-17}, but for all you backpackers out there… you can get it a lot cheaper with Uber.

Getting around Canggu…

The best way to get around Canggu, just like most of Bali is by scooter (moped) or car.

If you’re staying for a little while or just want the cheapest and most convenient option, I’d say rent a scooter. Unless you’re staying in accommodation close to the centre and don’t plan to explore much beyond it – you’ll want some transport of your own.

Most companies in Bali will deliver the bikes to your door and you’ll pay them in cash. Some will want you to pay upfront, I usually pay half at the start and the rest at the end, just to be safe.

Price guide for renting a scooter in Canggu: 60-75,000IDR a day

The longer you rent the scooter for, the more of a bargain you’ll be able to arrange. Of course new / larger scooters may cost a little more.

Things to do and explore whilst in Canggu…

As well as incredible food, landscapes and culture, Canggu is a hub of activity and adventure that will keep you occupied for days.

During your time in Canggu consider…

  • Dine at one of the many incredible raw food eateries and Balinese Warungs that line the streets and ocean fronts.
  • Kick back for the afternoon on the black sandy beach
  • Dine at one of the many incredible raw food eateries and Balinese Warungs that line the streets and ocean fronts.
  • Take a surf lesson and get in the ocean!

There’s a surf school / surf hire at the front of Old Mans or there’s Mojo surf.

  • Rent a bed and relax in the sunshine on Batu Bolong beach.

Be sure to grab a BBQ’d sweetcorn on your way down from the street food stand.

Catch some live music / djs at The Lawn

The seafood is insane here, as are the cocktails, the ocean view and the vibe. It’s definitely a ‘western’ establishment but it’s casual and there’s no minimum spends on the beds (yet). Winner. I recommend the Mahi mahi and chips and the squid starter!

Head to Hotel Tugu and book on to one of their authentic Balinese evenings.

See my full review of Hotel Tugu and my amazing dinner experience with their traditional Balinese dance show

Get pampered for pennies at one of the high street Balinese spas.
Take a yoga class at The Practice
Explore Seminyak and the bars on the waterfront as you head south.

Grab a taxi to Ubud or Uluwatu for the day; both are about an hour’s drive.
Rent a scooter and explore for the day

Be careful, the main roads get pretty crazy and unruly in Bali. Try and stick to the quieter, less busy routes and ALWAYS wear a helmet. See the number for the scooter hire I used earlier in this post.

Canggu by night…

By the time the evening rolls around, you are absolutely SPOILT with the most gorgeous sunset views on the island, if not some of the best in the world. The moment you get a glimpse of the rainbow coloured skies glowing through your hotel room you’ll be running down to the beach without a second thought. It’s truly breathtaking. There are a fair few beach front cafes and restaurants that have taken advantage of this sensation and so you won’t be stuck for choice and can toast the sunsets with a cocktail.