Apsara Residence at Hotel Tugu Malang; Where Romances from Old Java Reigns

Indonesia is a country rich in cultural diversity. With many folklores coming from every part of the archipelago; ranging from heroic stories, to fables, to romances. As the art, soul, and romance of Old Java, Hotel Tugu Malang adapted one romantic story from the island of Java as the inspiration for its Presidential Suite, Apsara Residence.


The room is conceived around the romantic legend of a handsome young prince from Java who restlessly begged for a beautiful wife to the gods. Touched by the prince’s prayer, the gods finally made his dream came true and sent a very beautiful Apsara dancer from Nirvana, who is the dancer for the Gods. Apsara flew to earth and danced in the prince’s royal room for three consecutive months. By the end of the last full moon, Apsara fell in love with the prince. The 200 m² suite was designed with the thoughts of the prince’s royal bedroom where Apsara danced alluringly under the moonlight.

Upon entering Apsara residence, guests will be greeted with  elegantly decored living room featuring custom-made upholstered sofas and displays of antiques. Separating the living room to the lounge is a grand double-door painted with Apsara dancers shilouette. The tranquil semi-outdoor lounge oozes calmness and serenity featuring an eccectric daybed, a ‘Dancing Hall’, a stunning semi-outdoor bathtub decorated with beautiful wood carving; and a romantic dining room. Set slightly apart from the lounge is the collosal bedroom with a 3,5 meter antique bed which will transport guests to a time where the tale lives.

Apsara Residence can be booked through the official Tugu Hotel’s website at www.tuguhotels.com or guest also can directly contact Hotel Tugu Malang at (+62341) 363891.