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Jakarta’s fine dining scene has exploded in the past few years and has become a fine dining capital as it attracts more Michelin-starred chefs opening their restaurants, while talented local chefs have also put their own spin to make their own reputation. Not only are Jakarta’s fine restaurants now a delight to your taste buds, but also a feast for your eyes. With more and more diners having huge spending power and high expectations about their dining experience, renowned architects and designers collaborate with chefs to create the ultimate sensory experience. Five-star hotels are also home to several of the other top tier restaurants, while wine and cigar are the common luxury for all.( Gourmet Jakarta)
Gourmet Jakarta has reviewed Dapur Babah, Lara Jonggrang and Shanghai Blue 1920 as follows :
BEB 5http://www.gourmet-asia.com/jakarta/res_dapur-babah.html
Lara Djonggrang (8)http://www.gourmet-asia.com/jakarta/res_lara-djonggrang.html