Kampilation Contemporary Art Exhibition by Paisi

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Tugu Kunstkring Paleis
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Contemporary Art Exhibition


Explorer, artist, multilinguist, Pascal Hierholz, or Paisi as he is known to friends, has always had a deep affinity for the myriad cultural landscapes of the world. Having spent his childhood moving from one country to another – he exhibited his first works in Tahiti at the age of 16 – Pascal eventually headed for Paris and the Ecole Estienne to study applied arts. It was here that he developed an interest in advertising and design, honing his craft at some of the leading Parisian agencies. Then, exactly 500 years to the day, Pascal followed Christopher Colombus across the Atlantic to settle in Montréal, where he made his name as an Art Director. In 1998, his insatiable wanderlust took him to South America, on a journey that inspired his first illustrated travel journal. Next, it was off to Finland, where he returned to advertising as Creative Director at the largest agency in Helsinki – and added Finnish to his already extensive repertoire of languages. In 2001, it was back to Canada as VP Creative Director. In January 2004 was “Itinerance”, an exhibition of sketches from his travel journals. Then, after a long sojourn in China as a consultant Creative Director, Pascal found a new passion for Chinese calligraphy, which in turn had a strong influence on his sketching style. His illustrations for Yann Martel’s bestseller, “Life of Pi”, were shortlisted in an international competition; in September 2006, a show of his latest works, “Jets d’Ancre,” was at the MAA in Montréal. In October 2007, André Marois’ book, “Passeport Pathogène” (“Deadly Passport”), entirely illustrated with his travel sketches, is published in Montréal. After 2 years in Shanghai in the interactive business, he moved to Jakarta for a year, where he was the Executive Creative Director for a major communication agency. Pascal fell in love with Indonesia. He now lives and works in Bali.

Since 1914, one of the missions of Kunstkring has been to bring talented emerging artists into the spotlight by exposing their work to a wide audience of art enthusiasts and art collectors who very frequently pass through this historically rich building right in the heart of Menteng. Kunstkring was designed to be a prestigious platform for creative minds, and it is for this reason that we take great pleasure in collaborating with artists such as Paisi and Pascal Quennehen, his fine art photographer friend, in an exhibition of their latest body of work entitled Kampilation.

Paisi likes to be experimental and enjoys very much to work and play with non-conventional surfaces for his artistic expression. Not interested in playing it safe, the imagination of this talented man has led him away from expected mediums such as paper or canvas, instead turning to materials such as cardboard and kampil with some very surprising consequences!

Come have a look at the results of this interesting art project that combine the unique talents and endless creativity of two friends, Paisi and Pascal Quennehen.

This Kampilation exhibition is open to the public from 19-31 August 2013 at Tugu Kunstkring Paleis.

As an oasis of art, culture and culinary delights, it is certain that from now on Tugu Kunstkring Paleis will be on everyone’s lips.


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