Kecak dance performed at Tugu beach

kecak dance performed at tugu beach

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Kecak Dance tells the story of the Ramayana epic, taken from the old history of Mahabharata.

The story revolves around the brave Rama, the protagonist, and his beautiful wife Sita, the rightful king and queen of the kingdom of Ayodya who have been unjustly banished to the forest due to palace intrigues.

In the forest the couple and Rama’s brother Laksmana face many hardship. Their battle for survival takes them to the land of Alengka which is ruled by the giant, wicked king Rahwana. In the forest, Sita sees a golden deer and sends her husband to capture it, not knowing that the deer is a trap sent by the wicked king Rahwana to lure Rama away. Sita hears voices crying for help and sends Laksmana to assist her husband, while she stays back in a magical circle – which she is not supposed to cross to keep her safe. Having waited for this moment, now, Rahwana, disguised as a priest, kidnaps the helpless Sita, and takes her home to Alengka. Many forest creatures rally to Sita’s help including Jatayu, the bird with the supernatural powers, and Hanoman, the white monkey.

At his palace in Alengka, Rahwana tries to kill Sita because she refuses his proposal to marry, but is prevented by Trijata, Rahwana’s niece. When Trijata and Sita are alone, the white monkey Hanoman comes with a ring as a sign from Rama to Sita, that he is on his way to rescue her. To acknowledge Rama’s message, Sita gives a golden flower in return.Finally Rama arrives, a terrible fight errupts.

With the help of Hanoman, Rama defeats Rahwana, then takes Sita home to Ayodya. The good once again has triumphed over the evil.

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