Music & Dance of Bali, A Weekly Cultural Evening at Hotel Tugu Bali

When it comes to bringing the Indonesia’s art, culture, and romance to life at Hotel Tugu Bali, the effort doesn’t end at decoration and its interior design. Way beyond that, this includes everything from the traditions, history, presentation, culture, to the ambiance and theme. When you dine at Tugu, you will be transported back in time and relive Indonesia’s forgotten history. Stay true to its mission, Hotel Tugu Bali is reintroduces its famed Cultural Evening where Balinese classical dance and music will be performed weekly, every Thursday, at the majestic Bale Agung.

As rich as Indonesian culture, this series of cultural evenings – Music & Dance of Bali at Hotel Tugu Bali – will spoil you with different performances each week. And among the magical performances, Calon Arang, Hanoman & Rahwana, Baris Dance, Jaran Teji Dance, are a few to mention.

Calon Arang dance-drama is based on the legend of Rangda (Calon Arang) and her fight with the great king Airlangga. It was said that when she learned about the ill-treatment experienced by her daughter -Ratna Manggali, she unleashed an epidemic so powerful that it nearly decimated the human population of Kahuripan. The King later sought the help of Mpu Bharadah, a powerful priest, who sent his disciple Mpu Bahula to win Ratna Manggali’s heart. After Bahula married Ratna Manggali and have an access to Calon Arang’s books of spells, he stole the books and gave them to Bharadah to defeat Calon Arang in a battle.

Intended to revive and preserve Bali’s almost forgotten culture, many kinds of dances have been performed, such as the narrative of the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana; Hanoman & Rahwana, which tells the adventure of Hanoman and Prince Rama during the heroic battle against Rahwana and his forces when trying to save Princess Sinta; the Baris Dance, which is a traditional war dance in Bali that portrays the emotions of a young warrior prior to battle; Jaran Teji Dance that depicts the disguise of Dewi Sekartaji, accompanied wandering in search of traces of her lover, Raden Panji Inu Kertha Pati, who was missing from his palace. The Goddess and her entourage disguised themselves as brave horsemen without anyone recognizing her; and many more performances to be named.


Indulge in the real experience of the cuisine and culture of Indonesia at IWA Restaurant and watch century-old Balinese dancers and live gamelan on the stage of the majestic Bale Agung, a gigantic hall with very high ceilings supported by giant wooden columns and an ancient architecture based on the now-extinct sacred hall of Bayung Gede village, filled with antiques and cultural relics.