Recommended High-End Restaurants in Bali (

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Writer: Joannes Rhino


Over the years, Bali has evolved with each wave of travellers and is now becoming a first-class dining destination where ones can enjoy numerous International dishes with its authenticity and rustic charm right in place. Whether you are looking for a fine dining venue to celebrate a special evening or looking to revel in a friendly place with mates, this island gives you umpteen options to conclude your culinary journey with a sinful delight.

Each high-end restaurant on this island is unique, but all share a few common characteristics. With precise attention to detail, perfect execution and exceptional service, every high-end restaurant aims for a top-notch experience. And while today’s fine dining has evolved into an eclectic blend of cuisines and concepts, many aspects of the high-end experience remain the same.

There has been a real explosion of top-quality boutique restaurants down in the south of the island, and all of them compete to be the best in the region. They offer a great range of cuisine in terms of region and sophistication, from Western to Eastern, right through to contemporary Indonesian cuisine. Some of the restaurants feature unique locations with awe-inspiring views and artistic interiors.

These restaurants listed in this article are considered as high-end or fancy not only because of their pricing but also the taste and surroundings they try to keep up to deliver the best culinary journey. Be rest assured the dishes served on the table are where the magic and mystery lie.


IWA Restaurant

Featuring an extensive menu of authentic Indonesian cuisine made with passed down recipes done with a contemporary approach, this restaurant at Hotel Tugu Bali is adding Canggu’s hip destination for culinary aficionados by complementing addition to the eccentric mix. The dining experience, fusing gourmet delights with age-old cultural and ceremonial rituals, is arranged in historically themed, atmosphere-charged chambers or manicured landscapes reconstructed in the hotel’s areas. Some are more theatrical than the other, but this truly embodies an Indonesian culinary experience like no other, involving aspects of traditional rituals, presentation, and history—and an endless choice of delicious food!