The Legend Of Rambut Monte

the legend of rambut monte

rambut monte lake


The Legend of Rambut Monte

Rambut Monte is a lake , temple and place to meditate in the background of tea plantations , scenic expanse of green rice fields , a variety of fresh vegetables and durian trees along the winding and not boring  journey with the cool air of being in between the slopes of Mount Kelud and Mount Kawi. Rambut Monte is located in Krisik  village, Gandusari district, approximately 30 km from Blitar city. At this location there is a temple that is a place of worship for the Hindu in the era of the Majapahit Kingdom.

Meanwhile, under the temple there is a blue green, glass clear water lake that is inhabited by a number of fish by local people called the Gold Fish (Ikan Dewa). However, some other people call Sengkaring fish as uniquely fish ,approximately 60 centimeters length. The number of fish in this lake is said to remain, never changed.

According to the people on this location and based  on the legend, there was a fight broke out between Ravana and Dragons against Mbah Rambut Monte, descendants of Majapahit kingdom. The fight was won by Mbah Rambut Monte. Mbah Rambut Monte cursed Ravana and Dragons being shaped temple reliefs monkeys and dragons . Mbah Rambut Monte instructing his students in order to keep the number of temple stones in the form of Ravana and dragon relief.
However, since most students do not obey his orders , Mbah Rambut Monte furious and cursed his students into the Sengkaring fish which is still inhabit the lake.

Remembering this history, Patin is one of the river fish with long-bodied slightly flattened white colored and scaly derived from Malay widely cultivated in the village of Selo Tumpuk Wlingi Blitar .

In this festive seasons, Hotel Tugu Sri Lestari want to celebrate the happiness with your loved ones in ‘Patin Celebration’, which are created in Javanese spices on Blitar pottery such as Patin Wonton Soup, Patin Seruling, Sate Patin Penataran, served with fresh young green coconuts on this location.

This offer includes:
* 1 night retreat at thematic suite room
* Welcome healthy drinks of your choice upon arrival
* In-room fresh flower arrangements and tropical fruit basket
* Breakfast at The Colony Restaurant
* A memorable lunch with Patin celebrations
* Transportation arrangement for a wonderful trip
* Package rates ( in Indonesian Rupiah):



Single Occupancy

Double Occupancy

(Share Room)

Extended Night

 Tugu Suite












The package starts from 15 December 2013 until 15 January 2014

sengkareng fish

Patin specialities

Patin is one of the river fish with long-bodied slightly flattened white colored and scaly. Patin which is derived from the Malay is widely cultivated in the Selo Tumpuk village of Wlingi – in Blitar city.
In the Christmas and New Year celebrations of 2014, Hotel Tugu Sri Lestari wants to share the happiness with your loved ones in ‘Patin Celebration’, served in various preparations.

Pineapple Patin Salad
Tropical pineapple from slopes Kelud and patin cocktail in pineapple halves.

Bola-Bola Patin
A house specially – crispy minced patin meat balls served with palm chilli sauce

Sayur Lembayung.

Mie Kocok Patin
Blitar-style noodle dish with Patin meat and vegetables in thick sauce

Patin Seruling
A whole fried Patin marinated in special spices served with star fruit sauce

Tami Cap Cay Patin
Crispy-fried noodle served with patin meat and stir-fried vegetables

Patin Saus Taoco
Patin fish in soya bean sauce

Sate Patin Penataran
Patin satay marinated with special spices from Penataran village, served with peanut sauce


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