‘Tis a Beautiful Season to Give

This Holiday Season, Hotel Tugu Lombok & Bali Children Foundation Celebrates the Holiday Spirit in Creating a New Fun English Classroom at the Primary School SDN 4 Sigar Penjalin 

A couple of years ago, as part of Hotel Tugu Lombok’s rebuilding efforts of north Lombok post-earthquake recovery, a library/classroom inside the Hotel Tugu Lombok complex was established for the children of Sire to learn English in a regular basis, in collaboration with Bali Children Foundation. This project has created much happiness and excitement in English learning among the children in the region of the hotel.

Following the success of the Tugu & Friends’ Library for Lombok children, Hotel Tugu Lombok has now begun a new collaboration with Bali Children Foundation in creating another English classroom in the next primary school in the neighboring village, the SDN 4 Sigar Penjalin in North Lombok. The goal is to create a fun space for the children to be excited to learn, read, sing, and talk in English, with a complete set of books and equipments funded by Hotel Tugu Lombok, as well as teachers teaching on regular basis provided by Bali Children Foundation. 

Hotel Tugu Lombok team painting the new classroom with the Bali Children Foundation team

This project is aimed at creating a better learning environment and fulfilling the urgent need for improvement to make their learning days brighter and more enjoyable.

Sharing similar values, both Hotel Tugu Lombok and Bali Children Foundation strongly believe in instilling the love for learning among children through giving them the opportunity to learn in a better environment. Guests of Hotel Tugu Lombok are already invited to participate to teach and spend time conversing with the children within the existing library of Hotel Tugu Lombok where classes are held every day, and soon, they will be able to visit the classes as the SDN 4 Sigar Penjalin as well. Guests and all friends of Tugu are invited to be part of this ongoing project in many other ways as well, including books donation or fundraising for more classrooms further north of the hotel, where education support is very much welcome & appreciated by the children and families of villages in the remote areas of Lombok.

For further information: lombok@tuguhotels.com