A festivity of Peranakan Cuisine

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A festivity of Peranakan Cuisine


Malang – a city awarded as the loveliest town in South East Asia during the colonial times, surrounded by the beautiful treasures of Java and the remains of temples of the Majapahit and the Singosari kingdoms. It is where Dutch planters, wealthy Chinese families and civil servants used to retire to a life of ease and luxury, surrounded by serene hilly apple and tea plantations. Providing richly cultural sites, Malang is also an interesting departure point for an early morning trip to the magnificent sunrise at the famous Mt. Bromo, as well as to explore the hidden exotic beauty of East Java.


One of the most apparent cultures that played part in Malang’s history is the BabahPeranakan culture. The term “Babah” in Java is commonly used to address the half-breed culture that resulted from marriages between the Chinese settlers and the native Javanese women. In the years to follow, this term gradually obtained a broader essence, and was used as well for the “pure” Chinese blood, whose lifestyle had been influenced by local Javanese culture and the Dutch colonial culture in Java. In daily life, the Babah culture in Java is simply a culture that developed from the gradual fusion of three cultures living side by side: the Chinese,the local Javanese and the Dutch. Depending to various aspects, the Babah culture varied, depending on which of the three was strongest and most influential in the local surrounding. The stronger the Dutch influence, the more respectable was a Babah family.


This fused culture is very apparent in the dining scene—the dining ritual as well as the flavors that are unlike any of the traditional dishes from the 3 cultures described above. The “best of” the three cuisines were incorporated into dishes that were gradually altered over time. Hotel Tugu Malang celebrates this festive season in the finest blend between the East and the West.


For those interested in tracing the Peranakan history in not only Malang but Indonesia, the small yet intimate Hotel Tugu Malang offers the best sampling of Peranakan history (found in the Sugar Baron room, Babah Dining Room, Babah Suite, the Regent’s Red Chamber Bangsal Merah Bupati, and more, that feature priceless, beautiful and delicate Peranakan objets d’art from past eras) as well as the delicious home cooking Peranakan cuisine that can make anyone instantly homesick. This festive season, other than the special holiday season Western menu with fine wine pairing, Hotel Tugu Malang offers to take you on a journey of celebratory Peranakan cuisine.

Enjoy the finest blend of East and West at Hotel Tugu Malang, both ‘The Christmas Sensation’, like Crispy Roasted Turkey with Apple Prune Compote and baked potatoes or Grilled Lobster with Lime and Fine Herbs, served with potato and market vegetables. And ‘The Sensuous New Year’s Eve Dinner’, at Rp.300.000++ per person.





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