Tugu Kawisari Mooncake Treasures

Considered as the second-most important holiday after Chinese New Year, The Mid-Autumn Festival is a 3,000 years old traditional festival celebrated by Chinese and the Peranakan communities all over the Nusantara archipelago.

The Mid-Autumn festival may vary from country to country, but most of them focus on family gatherings, special food, lanterns, and offerings to the moon. In Indonesia, the Chinese and Peranakan communities, especially for those with Confucian beliefs, the festival is celebrated with prayer ceremonies to the ancestors by offering mooncakes on the altar table and praying for good fortune and abundance grace. After praying, the mooncake is then eaten together by family members.

Sharing mooncakes with family members is one of the main traditions of this festival. In Chinese culture, the round shape of a mooncake symbolizes completeness and reunion. Therefore, sharing and eating round mooncakes between family members during the holiday week symbolizes the integrity and unity of the family.

Celebrate the joyous mid-autumn festival with delicately crafted mooncakes from the rich culture of the Kawisari Coffee Plantation, East Java.  Tugu Kawisari Mooncakes comes in a plethora of exciting flavors: red bean, red bean with salted egg, mung bean with pandan, and Java cocoa with cashew. Tugu Kawisari Mooncakes are processed with quality ingredients and free from food preservatives to ensure a memorable Mid-Autumn festival for all of your family members.

You can also enjoy our precious mooncake with our award-winning artisan coffee of Tugu Kawisari Coffee. We are now selling our Tugu Kawisari Mooncake together with our other Tugu Kawisari products as a well-thought hamper of Tugu Kawisari Mooncake Treasures. With Tugu Kawisari Mooncake Treasures you can enjoy your Tugu Kawisari Mooncake together with Kawisari’s Coffee Honey, a plethora of coffee choices of your own favorite, and other Kawisari products, such as spread jams, coffee leaf tea, or chocolate truffles to name the least.

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