Where To Stay In Bali: 5 Best Areas & Places (thishotel.com)

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Indonesia has over 17,000 islands but Bali is the brightest of them all. Nearly 6.3 million people visited Bali in 2019. Many of these people explored the beaches, secluded towns, resorts, and rainforests that make up the popular tourist island.

Bali is a tropical destination with idyllic beaches, a vibrant culture, and amazing landmarks unique to the country. Bali is an ideal travel spot and one you shouldn’t miss. If you need more convincing or to decide on where to base your accommodation, check out these places below.

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FAQ: Bali hotel tips
Looking for the best budget, boutique, or luxury hotel in Bali? Or maybe you’re a backpacker looking for an excellent hostel? Want to know which Bali hotel serves a great breakfast? Here are the answers to all those and other questions about where to stay in Bali.

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What is the best boutique hotel in Bali?

You like some luxury but don’t like the famous chain hotels. If you’re looking for the best boutique hotel in Bali, you should check out Hotel Tugu. It’s a very cool hotel that has been highly recommended by travelers and experts. Also make sure you read our shortlist of the best boutique hotels in Bali, it’s a manually curated list of the most unique and romantic hotels on the island.