14 Best Affordable Beach Vacations, From Crete to Cape May (cntraveler.com)

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Nothing quite compares to a well-earned beach vacation. But by the time you book your flights, lock down the perfect waterfront hotel room, and splurge on a new bathing suit, your energy levels—and bank accounts—are almost too depleted to actually enjoy those tropical cocktails and summer paperbacks.

Luckily, there are plenty of affordable beach vacations around the world that are just as scenic and activity-packed as popular (and expensive) spots like Italy and Bali—chalk it up to a combination of favorable exchange rates, reasonable accommodations, and frequent flight deals. Here, we’ve rounded up 14 of the nicest beach destinations that won’t break the bank, from New Jersey to the Turkish Riviera.

Lombok, Indonesia

While all your friends flock to Bali, consider taking a slight eastward detour to the less touristed, less expensive island of Lombok. Here you’ll find all the terraced rice fields and towering volcanoes that Instagram dreams are made of, only you’ll actually have the funds and crowd-free space to enjoy the scenery. Rent a scooter for around $3.50 per day and hop from white-sand beach to white-sand beach—you can even throw in a pink-sand beach for good measure.

Stay here: We’re always down for a 5-star hotel for under $200 per night, especially one with tropical gardens and plunge pools like Hotel Tugu Lombok.