Blitar Djadoel III

blitar jaman dahulu kala


blitar jadoel

In celebrating 107th Blitar Anniversary, a festive, merry annual event called Blitar Djadoel Exhibition III will be held in Blitar. This Djadoel Exhibition will take place between 8 and 15 April, along Jalan Merdeka where our Hotel Tugu – Sri Lestari is located, all the way to Jalan Anggrek and Jalan Kenanga. This exhibition provides a colorful, mouthwatering array of traditional food tempoe doeloe (traditional food of the old days) that are very interesting to savor and see, where we can taste traditional snacks, such as cenil, kicak, pecel Punten, gulali, sego ampok etc.
Additionally, interesting antiques from Blitar and surrounding will be on display as well in the fair. We believe the fair will be a very charming event that we are all looking forward to, so don’t miss it! Join us for a taste of authentic Indonesian fun!