Celebrate Chinese New Year With The Blessing Of God Of Kicthen At Dapur Babah

celebrate chinese new year with the blessing of god of kitchen at dapurbabah 12 dewa - 12 makanan aseli babah



12 Dishes welcoming the Lunar New Year

In Babah kitchens, they normally kept a statue of their own Goddess Protector. On Thursday evenings, they burnt incense and provided fragrant fresh flowers to this Kitchen Goddess Protector, and prayed to Him for their safety and well-being. Their belief and the existence of the Goddess Protector in their kitchen gave them significant self-confidence, which in turn was believed to show in the deliciousness of their Babah dishes.

One day before the Chinese new Year, the family members gather together for a happy reunion while preparing for the dinner. They also invite the kitchen Goddess ‘Tso Kwan’ and the other 11 Goddess to celebrate this glorious moments. It is to believed that these God of Gods, supported the chefs for being able to cook delicious food. This ritual was made every year as a thanksgiving and for the daily abundant food blessing for the next coming year. The family prepares 12 items of Babah Peranakan dishes as offerings for their ancestors as well.