Check These Tasteful Delights at Ji Restaurant, Canggu ( Times Indonesia )

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Writer: Khodijah Siti


TIMESINDONESIA, BALI – Ji Restaurant an ultimate spot located in the heart of Canggu, Bali, has become a sanctuary where ancient 300 years old temple meets the red horizon over the Indian Ocean. This restaurant offers lots of tasteful delight especially for the desserts.

Nestled in the bustling, edgy area of Canggu, Ji Restaurant is a has long been known as a go-to meetup space for friends or celebrations with family. Some people will also use this restaurant simply just to enjoy the sweetest, most scrumptious dessert while gazing at the ocean.

Known for award-winning Japanese cuisine, Ji is also home to an array of delectable desserts. Not only playing supporting role as mealtime endings, the desserts will kick your mouth and make you jaw drop as well speechless for the magnificent taste it has.

You will find an unforgettable moment of dining at Ji Restaurant with the spectacular sunset, attentive service, and quirky cocktails they have in the afternoon. All with make your dining experience feel more special.

Array of outh watering desserts such as Ji’s Green Tea Cheesecake with Winter Berries is a fun combination of matcha’s signature flavour with the tangy yet creamy taste of cheesecake. Banana Cake with Miso Ice Cream will be a great choice for love who loves some surprises.

The crowd pleaser, Melted Chocolate Ball one not to be missed. You might wonder, what’s the deal with this slick chocolate sphere. Fret not, pour hot caramel sauce onto it, and wait for it to melt ever so slowly. You will then discover your delicate green tea ice cream, surrounded by cashew nut crumble, fresh raspberry and amaretto cream. This one isn’t only tasty but also visually stunning and, ahem, very Instagrammable.

Aside from the iconic three, you can also refresh your palate with the refreshing taste of Key Lime Pie or taste the ultimate tropical feel from the Mango Chocolate Mouse, and many more. All those deserts will kill you with their sweetness, of course in a good way.

Ji Restaurant offers delivery and takeaway services, which you can order through a delivery app like Gojek. You could also give Ji Restaurant a call at 081239652695 to get these tasteful delights.