Cultural Evening in The majestic Bale Agung Hall – Every Thursday- Hotel Tugu Bali

Upholding the philosophy of preserving the art, soul and romance of Indonesia, Hotel Tugu Bali stays true to its mission to revive and preserve the almost forgotten stories from the past, surrounding the disappearing cultures especially traditional dances, music, and costumes of Bali.

Presented by the best traditional dancers in the region, the free admission cultural show is held every Thursday, start from 7.30pm. The show is taken to the stage at Hotel Tugu Bali, giving visitors and residents an opportunity to watch the genuine Balinese dance performances which is beautifully blended with the majestic Bale Agung venue atmosphere that brings the authentic Balinese feeling. The Bale Agung itself is a gigantic hall with high ceiling supported by giant wooden columns, inspired by the ceremonial house in a Balinese ancient village and decorated with antiques and cultural relics. There is a 4.5 meters high wooden Garuda statue carved from a 120-years-old tree trunk.

People will experience the lavish dinner presented in the ultimate Tugu style setting and will be fully immersed in the romantic eras of Indonesian history whether served as a king from Majapahit or as a humble villager from the countryside of Bali. All menus are available here: seafood, gourmet, continental cuisine, traditional Balinese, Javanese and Chinese Peranakan.


cultural evening