Dapur Babah Elite Is Trully a Gem of Jakarta

Our very first restaurant in Jakarta was featured the ‘Gems of Jakarta’ on the Business Traveller, written quite thoroughly by Rachel Read and Kate Farr. We are happy to be an oasis amongst the hustling Jakarta city, somewhere anyone can enjoy another time and period.

“A favorite of Indonesian’s celebrity crowd, Dapur Babah Elite is located in a pair of renovated 1940s shophouses; devided into several vibrantly hued rooms, it’s a gorgeously romantic setting, stuffed full of period antiques and beautiful artworks. The Peranakan cuisine on offer is just a memorable too; a stunning mix of Javanese, Chinese, and Dutch influences, the menu showcases traditional recipes that have been handed down through generations and executed with contemporary flair. The must-order here is Nasi Tjampur Babah, a fragrant pandan-infused rice served with nine side dishes including marinated beef, fried beef and sautéed tempeh.” – Business Travller.

Located in the strategic Central Jakarta, Dapur Babah Elite is the place to go for a dining experience in Jakarta, including that of business purposes. Be assure, all work is done with a full stomach and happy taste buds.

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