Discover Luxury and Serenity: Top Hotels to stay in Lombok (

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Lombok is a gorgeous Indonesian island that boasts of stunning beaches, turquoise blue waters, and green hills. It’s a place where people go to escape the busy city life and just soak up the sun, relax, and unwind. To make your stay even more comfortable and memorable, we have compiled a list of top hotels that will discover luxury and serenity in Lombok.

Hotel Tugu Lombok

Hotel Tugu Lombok is a boutique hotel that stands out from the rest with its distinctive Indonesian antique decor. The property is designed with a combination of rustic and traditional Lombok architecture that creates a serene atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and adorned with antiques and traditional artwork. Hotel Tugu Lombok offers a range of activities like horse riding, fishing, and a boat trip to the nearby Gili Islands. The hotel also has a spa that offers traditional Indonesian massages and treatments.


In conclusion, Lombok is a place where you can discover luxury and serenity while enjoying the stunning beauty of the island. The hotels we have listed above offer you the opportunity to experience the tranquillity and luxury you’re looking for during your stay on the island. Book your stay today and experience the beauty of Lombok in style.