INDONESIA CULTURAL DINING SERIES 43 | Senandung Merdu Dari Timor at Hotel Tugu Malang

Malang, July 2019. The many culture of Indonesia is truly a nation’s assets; with from Sabang to Merauke abundance of cultural performaces can be found, from dances, to songs, to musical, and many more. East Nusa Tenggara has its own unique musical instruments, as well as signature regional dances that do not get enough appreciation. Using the monthly event of ‘Indonesia’s Cultural Dining Series’; Hotel Tugu Malang is providing a platform for performers from Timor to present their creations. This monthly program is indeed held in an effort to raise, explore and preserve the artistic values ​​of Indonesian culture.

‘Senandung Merdu dari Timor’ or ‘Enchanting Lullaby from Timor’ in English, will showcase 10 performers playing various musical instruments such as Dungga, Karinding, Tembong, Okulele, Sunding, Tatong which will be combined with a dance performance ‘Rangkuk Alu’, of which conceivement was inspired by traditional games that uses bamboo as a tool.

This elegant performance will be held in Tirtagangga, Hotel Tugu Malang, an exotic banquet hall that was inspired by the history of India, Arab, China, and the Mongolian Silk & Spice Road. The room is beautifully decorated with red roses, pendant lamps, and overlooks a beautiful garden area surrounded by the sound of rushing water over a small pond that reflects exotic tranquility like a palace in India.