Sate Iboe Sarongan Tanah Djawa & Bali – Festive Idul Fitri Dining | Hotel Tugu Malang

Be entertained by the ladies in sarong selling eight different types of appetizing satays;

Sate Kerang Kraton, Sate Lembut Betawi, Sate Lilit Ikan Gianyar, Sate Lidah Sapi Padang, Sate Cumi-Cumi, Sate Klathak, Sate Ayam Batang Tebu Bulawang, and Sesate Zoetelief Pak Paheng Solo – all of which will be freshly grilled in a live station by a satay master.

The Special Satay Parade of the Village Vendors will be showcased at Melati restaurant on 5-6 June 2019

from 6 to 9 pm  | IDR 275,000++/ set to serve four persons

*this experience will still be available throughout June 2019 with advanced booking