Hotel Tugu Bali Hosted Jackson Mullane with Chamber Orchestra

Jackson Mullane

Hotel Tugu Bali recently hosted a successful concert by Australian neo-classical pianist/composer, Jackson Mullane, in collaboration with chamber orchestra, on Monday, December 21, 2020. Those privileged to be among the very select Bali audience were treated for witnessing his evocative piano playing and soaring orchestral melodies.

The concert was set at the Bale Agung, Hotel Tugu Bali’s lobby area, beneath a massive 5-meter-high 140-year-old wooden statue of a mythical Garuda bird. The opening act by Venezuelan-born cellist Cellomano immediately hypnotized the audience through his live looping, a combination of his classical background and modern technology that create haunting polyphonic melodies in his solo cello performance.

The concert then resumes with a performance by Jackson Mullane and a chamber orchestra. His compositions are romantic and cinematic, emotionally engaging and grand in ambition. Drawing from his background in the film, Jackson incorporates stunning visuals into this live performance, making the show a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory experience. Jackson’s uncanny ability to express his deepest feelings illuminates this performance with the help of six pieces of chamber orchestra, from violin, flute, and cello.

In the middle of the session, a special performance by opera singer Kristina Podgurskaya further adds to the romantic atmosphere of the evening. Her thrilling vocal ability stunned the audience by delivering the perfect performance.

Through the success of this event, Managing Director of Tugu Hotels & Restaurants Lucienne Anhar expressed gratitude to Jackson, his fellow musicians and the team that managed to knit together all the bits and pieces of a world-class performance on a very short notice.


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